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The value of the option may be arbitrary, but the default bindings expect it to be either single, browse, multiple, or extended; the default value is browse.

Specifies one of two states for the listbox: normal or disabled.

It is not necessary for all the elements to be displayed in the listbox window at once; commands described below may be used to change the view in the window.

If the listbox is disabled then items may not be inserted or deleted, items are drawn in the -disabledforeground color, and selection cannot be modified and is not shown (though selection information is retained).

Specifies the desired width for the window in characters.

This can be changed by selecting the Caption property.

When an item in the list box is selected the form control reports the exact item as it appears in the control.

Both first and last may have any of the standard forms for indices.

Query or modify the configuration options of an item in the listbox.

The first two elements of the list give the x and y coordinates of the upper-left corner of the screen area covered by the text (specified in pixels relative to the widget) and the last two elements give the width and height of the area, in pixels.

If no part of the element given by index is visible on the screen, or if index refers to a non-existent element, then the result is an empty string; if the element is partially visible, the result gives the full area of the element, including any parts that are not visible. First and last are indices specifying the first and last elements in the range to delete.

A listbox is a widget that displays a list of strings, one per line. Elements may be added or deleted using methods described below.

In addition, one or more elements may be selected as described below.

Attempts to unset a variable in use as a -listvariable will fail but will not generate an error.

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