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***** Save the Storks This program deployes vans equipped with sonogram equipment to abortion clinics, where they do not protest, but gently offer to show pregnant women an ultrasound of their babies.

They say, "Approximately 3 out of 5 women we see choose life." ***** Tree of Hope Foundation This charity supports women suffering from post-partum depression, educates the community about this condition, and supports further research for treatment ***** L' Arche USA "Called by the late Pope John Paul II a “providential seed of the civilization of love,” L’Arche is a sign of hope in a divided world." This organization fosters mutually beneficial relationships between people with and without developmental disabilities.

***** The Loomba Foundation A secular charity benefitting widows and their children.

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So I started hunting for the names of worthy charities which would make my point.

But as I researched and read about the good work that people are doing all around the world, the Lord removed my heart of snark and gave me a heart of flesh.

***** Tepeyac Family Center Tepeyac Family Center, a true "reproductive health services" center, they have even had some success in reversing the effects of the RU 486 abortion pill when a woman regrets having taken it!

Tepeyac is "a pro-life, OB/GYN, integrated healthcare practice with professional medical expertise that cares for the whole person.

Full of wonderful, hopeful stories and easy ways to help.

***** The Laboure Society This organization "assists aspirants to priesthood or religious life who find themselves unable to answer their call due to personal debt." ***** Amazima Amazima sells handcrafted jewelry made by poor women in Uganda, who are guided and educated on how to manage money to support their families ***** The Guiding Star Project Creats "holistic, comprehensive centers nationwide that provide support for natural means of family planning, fertility care, childbirth, breastfeeding, and family life" and is endorsed by Abby Johnson and Lila Rose, among other "big names" in the pro-life community.

Z have chosen to launch a bizarre Lenten retreat Carribean cruise (I believe that's what's known as a "statistically improbable phrase").

I was planning to write a mildly snarky post called "Ten Ways to Spend a Thousand Dollars," listening nine ways you could spend your money well and wisely, and then also this dopey "retreat" -- which, yes, costs over a thousand dollars per person, and takes place on a luxury cruise ship which, like all cruise ships, offers those three pillars of the Lenten season: cocktails, casinos and show girls.

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