Liz miele online dating

She is by all accounts a seasoned professional, with a programmed hour of unceasing hilarity. She whips from topic to topic in a seamless array of observation and introspection.

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This discussion flirts slightly too far with inappropriate and doesn’t sit as well with the rest of her set. Miele’s brutal honesty and dry wit is charming and funny in equal measure.

I challenge anyone to leave this show feeling short-changed.

Gag after gag after gag flows without missing a beat.

It’s clear that she knows her material inside out, and performs it freshly and without a single moment of hesitation.

Last year she performed at the Fringe with the Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society. Liz Miele's hour stand-up show is about her experiences traveling through life and Europe as an anxiety-ridden American.

She jokes about her struggles with her physical health, mental illness in her family, dating, traveling through Europe alone and coming to grips with getting older and being an adult, all with a skewed logic of an angry New Yorker trying to make sense of it all.

Liz Miele is a New York comedian known for her cat humor.

But while she is a true cat lover, her jokes are a typical and of a much darker variety.

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