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On the emap and etrex this is a button on the waypoint screen.

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Move to the REF keyword area and hit enter; ensure the waypoint name is all underscores (move the arrow key to the left until this appears).

(On the Vista and summit you just do a sight n go command and the Site n go waypoint is built automatically, rename it for the next step.

The nearest waypoint may be an entry on the main menu or it may be coupled into the find waypoint command as a menu item.

Some units have a DIST and SUN entry on the main menu - select this entry and enter the two waypoints.

This can be set on the position page either directly by displaying and selecting it or on the G-III family and emap from the local menu.

The older multiplex units won t let you remove any waypoint that is part of a route.

Note that the emap, etrex, and 76 units can use a mappoint selected from the map in a route without having to first convert it to a waypoint but on older units it must be a real waypoint to be in a route.

It is often easier to press and hold the enter key to bring up the waypoint screen.

The emap, 76 family, and etrex store waypoints in 3 dimensions by including altitude updating my gps.

Some also tell you the bearing to between the waypoints too. However, it is easy to skip over names without noticing.

Viewing Waypoint Data Waypoint information can easily be viewed from the main menu by using the waypoint command.

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