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A pair of shorts was the equivalent of a jeans G-string.

Its microskirts would have gotten my daughter sent home from school. On our way to our next destination, I tried to avert her eyes from the Victoria's Secret window, where their clothing was emblazoned with the words "University of Pink." (I don't want to know that school's most popular major.) Hypersexualized clothing is not necessarily skimpy.

Most of these clothes provided sufficient coverage, but my daughter doesn't like ostentation, so we looked through the T-shirts for something more subdued.

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This year, 'tweens of both sexes are expected to account for $13 billion of apparel sales.

Limited Too was awash in shimmer; virtually every item was encrusted with rhinestones or sparkling with glitter.

Netizens commented, "If this is 'lolita' then they better take off those bibs right away", "They didn't wear that last week.

They're going too far", "This is too much", "Why do girl groups wear school uniforms as stage outfits so much?

Shopping for a 'tween is a little like being a presidential candidate—you try to find some middle ground in a world of clamorous extremes.

I want her clothes to reflect the fact that she's still a girl, but I'm willing to let her hint at the young woman she is about to girl dress is more appropriate than having Babybonus dress like stripper. guess those whiners have perverted mind when watching girls in uniforms dance. My 11-year-old daughter and I just did her back-to-school shopping.The chain, which has about 570 stores in the United States, sells clothes to girls ages 7 to 12.According to a Limited Too spokesman, Robert Atkinson, the company was instrumental in creating the 'tween fashion category 20 years ago.On the May 12 broadcast of KBS 'Music Bank', BONUSBaby performed their new track ''If I Become an Adult''.

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