Looney tunes dating dos and don ts

In other words, don't do what the PC themselves do - cuz it's wrong.

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Actors Dean Cain and Ryan Eggold (who are both single) field questions from TODAY staff and viewers alike about their dating do’s and don’ts.

They agree: If your date has something stuck in her teeth, tell her!

Reloading an arquebus at that time was like reloading a cannon.

They were only ever used at a distance, and a fairly long one, and in disciplined ranks. Five years earlier, of the 553 military men in Cortes' first expedition, only 13 - 2.35% - were musketeers.

Today, mainstream history continues to perpetuate one-sided versions of the past while mistelling or erasing the stories of the rest of the world." They left out autistic albinos, dolphins and Hungarians born without lips; they must be racists. That's right - Sauron - the great straight white male.

Trust me, when they say "one-sided," it's Orwellian Newspeak usage. " Words like "enslaved" and "indigenous" are being historically strictly segregated by race here, as is the concept of where nobility and morality resides.

Here's an example from Orwell's kids: That bit of idiocy right there shows SFF's racialists enthusiasm to address history is only surpassed by their ignorance of it.

The same is true of classic SF, which they dismiss with idiotic stereotypes they don't give examples of. Are they referring to the dawn of civilization by any chance, as in the Middle East or Egypt, which as we know was chock full of pyramid-building Englishman just waiting to be clawed to death by steampunk clockwork pigs and sparrows?

I'm sure the reviews from within SFF will all say "doubleplusgood" and "three thumbs up!!! If Long Hidden has a story titled "Dance of the White Demons" that takes place in Guatemala in 1524 written by a PC racialist like Sabrina Vourvoulias, you just know it's going to be good.

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