Microsoft synchronization services updating client database

You can also select/deselect individual objects and modify their direction during the synchronization.For example, synchronize tables from a model to your database, other tables from your database to your model, and skip a few tables, all during the same synchronization process. For example, exporting results from a My SQL 5.7 target might yield invalid syntax when executed against My SQL 5.1. Because My SQL databases correspond to directories within the data directory, you must consider case sensitivity for database, table, and trigger names, which follow the case sensitivity rules of the underlying file system for your operating system.

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This article covers downloading and installing the Time MattersĀ® Exchange Service to your server or standalone computer.

If you only use one computer, that computer is referred to as the server for purposes of this article.

After the provisioning, the databases can be synchronised.

When synchronizing databases, you may retrieve synchronization operation statistics.

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Also note that clicking on a row will reveal the associated SQL statement, as shown in the screenshot above.

The next example shows how the direction of synchronization can be changed.

Synchronize data between models, databases, and SQL files.

These three types can be the target (destination), source, or both.

The Time Matters Exchange Synchronization Service allows you to synchronize Time Matters Contacts, Events and To Do's with a Microsoft Exchange server.

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