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Q: What new acting projects are you working on this year?

A: Some things are up in the air as of now so I can't say!

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Nicole Parker gives us a glimpse into her wicked role. A: There is definitely a routine for surviving the role! So I definitely identify with Elphaba when it comes to being different, not mainstream, kind of an oddball.

Mentally I like to do some yoga and/or meditation, or walk on the treadmill. It quiets my brain and warms me up at the same time. I give myself plenty of time because every day is different, sometimes it takes your body longer to get on board. Right before I run out for my first entrance it's just a reminder to stay focused. Q: How is your personality off stage similar to or different from your character on stage? I used humor all the time to get through awkward moments or to survive amongst the cliques, much like Elphie uses humor to deflect her pain or anger.

Elphaba, a smart, fiery outcast born with emerald-green skin finds an unlikely friend in her college roommate Galinda, later Glinda -- the beautiful, popular blonde.

One of Broadway’s biggest blockbuster musicals, tv, Parker fine tunes her funny woman ways on stage as the sardonic, misunderstood Wicked Witch of the West.

I was seven, and remember my first recital; I was singing a song, and I remember the audience's response, and I remember when I made them laugh.

I was absolutely certain at that moment I wanted to do that forever. I continued performing throughout high school, and went to Indiana University for theater and voice.

Detour off the yellow brick road and dare to explore a different side of America’s favorite fairytale.

Long before Dorothy’s coming-of-age adventures with Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion, two other young girls meet in the magical Land of Oz.

There is most definitely competition in our industry, but it's not so in your face as it is on the show. But Smash portrays so many very real aspects of the business--the sacrifices, the disappointments, the rejection and the doubt, all of that is very real. What do you love about Southern California lifestyle? My sister went to UCSD and I used to visit her all the time.

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