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However, placing new landmarks feels a little clunky at times, and it can take a few tries to get things just how you want them.

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Don’t turn up your nose at the stereoscopic 3D, however.

The redesigned ), or if you’re already a proud owner of Nintendo’s latest handheld and simply want to know that the must-have games are, our guide has you covered: We’ve pared the 3DS lineup down to what we consider the five best titles that every handheld gamer should have in their collection.

Animal Crossing is an interesting franchise that is difficult to describe to the uninitiated.

Each game follows the same basic blueprint: You move into a new town, buy a house (home loan and all), and then carve out a happy existence as the only human in a village filled with friendly anthropomorphic animals.

And while it got off to a somewhat slow start following its 2011 launch, the 3DS, Nintendo’s latest handheld console, might just be the The beloved Japanese game company is nothing if not innovative, and in 2004 Nintendo re-invented the wheel with the unique DS handheld which featured a dual-screen design (hence the name) with a lower touch display. The DS sold Although this 3D feature was greeted with some skepticism by many, there’s no denying that the Nintendo 3DS delivers where it counts: the games.

The 3DS has built up an incredible library of awesome exclusives over the past six years, from first-party franchises like Mario and Animal Crossing to third-party hits like Pokémon and Fire Emblem.

The familiar Zelda tools and weapons are there for you to play with, but this time around, Link has a few new tricks up his sleeve, such as the ability to transform into a flat 2D image in order to solve certain puzzles.

, which allows you to complete dungeons in any order.

It doesn’t exactly sound like riveting, edge-of-your-seat gameplay, but Animal Crossing is packed with a unique and addictive charm that makes it difficult to put down.

Although it got its start on consoles (it was first released in Japan for the Nintendo 64, then ported to the Game Cube for Western audiences), this series really feels at home on handheld systems.

You can fish, collect fossils, go shopping, gossip with your neighbors, celebrate holidays, and expand your house as you pay off your mortgage, to name just a few of the many activities that await you.

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