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For younger children, limit the options to two so they are not overwhelmed.

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Behavior modification techniques such as those listed above are often effective, but there are other avenues of treatment.

Some, however, are aversive techniques that should be discussed fully with a professional before being implemented.

Comments about their appropriate behaviors, like playing nicely or sitting quietly when asked, go a long way in helping them know what to do in various situations they encounter.

Using a chart or other visual aid may help the child understand how and when they earn tangible rewards, but remember praise is a very powerful motivator as well, particularly when it comes from a parent or other authority figure.

Try using pictures and/or symbols to help the child communicate their feelings so they have a more appropriate outlet for their frustrations.

Remembering to tell a child when they are doing things the right way is as important as intervening when they aren't.It is much easier to redirect a behavior than to stop it cold, so having an appropriate item on hand in stressful situations can help, as well.If the biting seems to stem from frustration or anger, offer an alternative solution to manage the anger. Tell the child they may squeeze the ball when they are angry, but they are not allowed to bite.Other strategies may include dietary changes or prescribing medications, which would also require professional intervention and supervision.Ivory French casket with scenes of romances – possibly a courtship gift.Whatever strategies or interventions are used, it is incredibly important to be consistent in implementing them.

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