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Amal declined to discuss it, but claimed her body was already "80 percent female" at birth."I found out that my case is not unknown to medicine," said Amal."My real problem is with the lack of understanding by society and my family."Last year, the Ministry of Education suspended Amal from her job until she works out her legal status.Coeducation stops at kindergarten, and the idea of a sex-change operation is too much for many.

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Amal made extra money by designing women's and children clothes and selling paintings and home decorations.

In 2001, aged 26, she had enough saved for an operation in Thailand.

An overseas sex-change operation has done little to help Amal's struggle for official recognition as a woman in conservative Kuwait.

One court ruled for her, another overturned it and now she is going to the Court of Cassation, her last avenue of appeal."People see me as a comic case," said Amal.

After he was convicted last month of the Darlington rape, investigations found he had posed for a photograph on April 26 at the exact spot where he later struck and uploaded it to Facebook.

Sentencing him today, Judge Sean Morris said: 'You will go to prison for 12 years and I sincerely hope that you will promptly be deported at the halfway point.'Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, said Al-Shamary spotted his vulnerable victim walking alone after a night out and he began pestering her for almost 20 minutes.

"I wish they could look at me as a human being, someone who was born with a disease."Many Middle East countries refuse to recognize sex changes.

Jordan, Lebanon and Syria do, but it takes complicated and lengthy court proceedings.

Two women saw what was happening and came to her aid.

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