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As part of the investigation, Gardaí found material which showed the teen girl carrying out sexual acts on him.

In court, Judge Hunt said: “He groomed her and engaged in an advanced form of sexual contact with a young girl.

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I am just so relieved that I found out when I did.”(Source:) In order to protect a child from the dangers of online grooming we need to understand how this happens.

How does a child get to the stage of being a victim of grooming and quite often, a willing accomplice in the abuse?

As a parent you might think that this is something that could not happen to your child.

However, kids are very trusting and groomers are highly manipulative. In March 2013, 42 year old Cathal Donnelly from Roscommon was jailed for nine years after using Facebook to groom a 14 year old girl.

Obviously I am glad it didn’t happen to me, but I was lucky because my mum found out what was going on.

My nosey mum literally saved me from getting hurt.” Kathy admitted that friends were surprised it happened to their family.

She said: “We have a bit of a reputation of being quite a strict family, and friends and family were quite shocked that this happened to us.

Despite having controls about internet usage, where the computer is located in our home and what they are allowed to download – Oliver Randall was able to infiltrate our home and target my daughter.

This all happened within about a week – I can’t believe how quickly he advanced.

I thought he was trusting, I thought he was listening to me, but it turns out, he had a different agenda.” During a conversation with a friend on an instant messenger service, Amy, accidentally sent her mobile number to Randall, instead of her friend.

Amy was incredibly lucky, because she was probably 24 hours away from being raped.” Randall admitted 23 charges – which included engaging a child under 13 in sexual activity, inciting a girl under 13 in sexual activity, grooming children on the internet and making and taking indecent images of children.

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