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But I think that, in the long run, it will be the better choice. I don’t want to have 100 more games tied to my account when Steam inevitably takes some other disruptive action that I don’t agree with. It is impossible to make your games available once your account has been deactivated and your information deleted or archived.

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If Valve thinks it is okay to hold games hostage in order to force users to accept terms of service that deny their right to a class action lawsuit, what else might they do?

In 2010 I wrote an article for The Escapist titled , in which I shared my concerns about Steam.

Sure, the violence and grimy, gruesome aesthetic made it stand out, and grabbed all of the headlines, something Rockstar most certainly went for, but the game itself was great, and it's a shame many people may have missed out on this due to the less tasteful elements of the piece.

was a prequel of sorts to the events of the movie, depicting the origins of the titular street gang and looking at each larger-than-life character in more detail.

What really struck me, however, was Valve’s response to those curious about what would happen if they denied the updated terms of service.

The games in your account will not be accessible for future use.

Leaving Steam isn’t really an option, and wouldn’t do anything besides destroy access to some of my favorite titles. Formerly known as Good Old Games, the service changed its title because it no longer restricts itself to old games. You need to log in to your account to download, but that’s it. They can deck you out with numerous games for one affordable price (which you get to choose). And then there are the rare developers that release games entirely on their own.

I will, however, stop buying games from the service. One example is 2×2 Games, whose recent strategy game Unity Of Command can be purchased directly from the developers. There are a lot of games that I’ll miss out on because I don’t want to purchase from Steam any longer.

This is, at least in the United States, entirely legal.

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