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Honor, obedience and submission are highly valued qualities because they are necessary to maintain order and work together to accomplish the Lord’s vision for a godly family.

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I would often remark that “this family vision is spreading like wildfire,” all the while oblivious to the fact that there’s big money to be made in selling family stability and security.

These desperate moms and dads, many of whom have come to Christianity as refugees from dysfunctional homes, are scared for the future and looking for answers as they scramble to raise their children in an environment healthier than the ones they experienced as kids. When visitors read the stories of women who have escaped the Quiverfull movement, one question that is frequently asked is, what is spiritual abuse?

It is an investment in our sons’ education and character."Among Christian books, the "Christian living" subcategory, which includes relationships and parenting, is one of the most popular and profitable.

A 2008 Packaged Facts report, titled "The Religious Product Market in the U.

Children are viewed as unmitigated blessings (“As arrows in the hand of the mighty man, so are the children of ones youth, happy is the man who hath hisquiver full of them:” Psalm 123), so couples are willing to have as many children as the Lord chooses.

All methods of conception control are considered a lack of trust in God to provide for the “children of the righteous.”At the heart of Quiverfull is patriarchy: the ideal of biblical headship and submission.

You'll find Quiverfull families in nearly all types of churches in every community.

Quiverfull is simply the “pro-life” idea that truly godly families will “trust the Lord” with their family planning.

It is oddly empowering to a trapped person to say, “This is what I want.

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