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Blood pattern analysis supporting the advances in DNA techniques. Read more Quantitative skills beginning with GCSE mathematics through to algebra, data analysis, graphical treatment of errors, logarithms, basic probability, trigonometry and applications in forensic science.

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To include: fundamental organic chemistry methodology, chemical handling, use of equipment (including calibration and accuracy), infra-red spectroscopy, analytical chemistry and titrations, colorimetry, gravimetric analysis, solvent extraction.

Data presentation methods: the correct and succinct planning and preparation of scientific reports, correct referencing, data manipulation and presentation, literature searches and library catalogues, academic integrity and referencing styles.

You can also take part in: Based on the evidence available, the TEF Panel judged that the University of Kent delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. Please see the University of Kent's Statement of Findings for more information.

The course structure below gives a flavour of the modules and provides details of the content of this programme.

You are encouraged to participate in conferences and professional events to build up your knowledge of the science community and enhance your professional development.

The School also works collaboratively with business partners, which allows you to see how our research influences current practice.

Forensic Science; Evidence and the Scene of the Crime What is forensic science? Identification, characterisation, recovery and weighting of trace evidence types.

Historical and legal background of forensic science – exchange principles and linkage theory. Crime scene searching methodologies; the integrity and continuity of evidence.

Sexual offence investigation and body fluid identification. Induction to the English legal system and laws of evidence.

Clinical indicators of death and murder scene investigation. The structure and composition of DNA, genetic analysis and applications relevant to forensic science.

All students on the programme are offered free student membership for the duration of their degree.

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