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20 min later after we finished are drinks, we went to the club.

The bouncer was giving us shit but then some lady in line caused a scene so we snuck in behind the bouncer.

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Sorry for the delay in getting the post up, the weather has wrecked havoc on my internet and cable.

This weekend, there are a bunch of games that were played Thursday and Friday. : Connecticut @ #20 Louisville -10½#19 Michigan @ #4 Ohio St. -7*#8 Stanford @ #17 UCLA 3Missouri @ #9 Texas A&M -22*#12 South Carolina @ #11 Clemson -3½*#1 Notre Dame @ USC 5½ These have been played: : Ohio 6 @ #23 Kent St.

Look at Sweden royal family, Princess Victoria married a personal trainer, but the guy was able to do it because he was HER personal trainer when she was dealing with eating disorder anorexia and bulimia, which prove all Tuthmosis 5 reason to date a girl with a eating disorder. that explain why Swedish feminism are so butthurt A couple years ago I posted about how I shared a cab with a famous chick. I didn't ask for her number because I was planning to check her out and get in touch via Facebook. I checked her out online and it was like hundreds of thousands of fans etc and they had just played on Saturday night live.

My heart sank a little but I realized that my game had some serious potential I flirted heavily at the office with Chelsea Davy (not really that famous, but fuck it) until someone told me she was famous. She was on a playboy cover a few years ago and was spinning at a lounge in Vegas (Blush).

He got her number and they texted for a few weeks but she lives in LA and it faded. Very articulate, down to earth and wasn't bitchy at all.

In NY, to us "unknowns" POP CULTURE is just a publicized set of social circles run and connected by many "behind the scenes" known people. Hipster venue I frequented REFUSED TO LET THEM IN once he realized who the chick was. They were fun chicks BUT something had happened (lost something? She was about to get into a cab and I stopped her and convinced her to let me share the cab with her.What's left includes a lot of lines that seem like crap shoots, so I'm only placing real money on five. -4#18 Rutgers @ Pittsburgh -1GA Tech @ #3 Georgia -14½*#5 Oregon @ #15 Oregon St. 28 (I would have missed this)#14 Nebraska 13 @ Iowa 7 (I would have missed this)#7 LSU 20 @ Arkansas 13 (I would have hit this)#25 Washington 28 @ Washington St. 41 @ #24 Arizona 34 (I would have hit this) This week, the ten teams I am rooting for, in order, are: USC, Stanford, Oregon, Washington St., Arizona St., U. Here are the spreads this week in all the games involving the BCS 25. ) where she ended up crying and talking with my boy outside. That's the kind of crazy shit I do that gets me into some wild situations, sometimes good and sometimes bad.(I think she really dislikes all the attention since she was on a monologue about "attention" she's getting) The problem is that famous women like rich women tend to be very isolated in their social life, is not they can't be gamed, the problem is how can you get to have encounter in person, they live in gated community, even in NY you can't get inside a building without previews invitation,, parties and social events are very limited are very restricted, if they are out in the open they are usually surrounded by paparazzis, fans and bodyguards,just look at any video from TMZ how they are approached on the daily basic, you can't game a girl you can't even get close to, unless you can get access to a social circle where famous women are is not that easy, this explain why men who are not famous and gamed or even married famous women were somehow inside their social circle. Had no idea who she was but I was macking on her pretty hard. She said ok and was eye fucking me the whole ride as I layed into her with the best Sunday afternoon game I could muster.86k followers on Instagram (didn't know this at the time though).

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