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But he added: “With that effectiveness comes some real challenges.

There is a capacity issue.” Mr Bailey is a keen supporter of helplines, such as the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, which is working with paedophiles and encouraging them to self-refer so they can discuss their problem before they commit any abuse.

Stop It Now also provides guidance for the partners of people who are attracted to children, as well as parents who are concerned about their child’s sexual behaviour.

Some 60 per cent of child sexual abuse of children happens within the “family constellation”, Mr Findlater added.

“And we know that the vast, vast majority of that gets nowhere close to statutory agencies,” he said.

Stop It Now call handler Jennifer Michell said the service was trying to help people to change.

The figure is significantly higher than previous estimates.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation helpline offers guidance to offenders and people worried they may be at risk of committing crimes.

That means that we have to start a really difficult conversation about how we stop this happening,” said Mr Bailey, who is the chief constable of Norfolk Police.

“The service’s response to this has been really robust.

They've simply reached the point whereby we have, as a country, to turn around and say, ‘We have to look at alternatives’.

“It’s got to be broader than just a policy that says we're going to arrest our way out of this.

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