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For white teachers, it is important to see when and how white privilege matters and what can be done about it.

This course will ask you to look at exactly how whiteness affects various relations and situations.

You will be asked to look at the nuances of relationships, at various privileging mechanisms, and at specific racialized patterns; it will not be enough to talk about privilege in sweeping or absolute terms.

Thus, we will not be ranking the various kinds of privilege and oppression, but will be talking about race privilege in context.

Check the syllabus for dates to turn in a thesis statement, outline, and draft of the final paper.

Both papers must be vitally informed by the course discussions, lectures, activities, and readings.

Among the topics with which the course will be concerned are the various analyses undertaken by whiteness theory, whiteness as epistemology, whiteness in relation to pedagogy, whiteness in relation to texts and the curriculum, and the politics of different approaches to whiteness education (such as “allies” and “race traitor” approaches).

The class will meet once a week, each time discussing the readings on the syllabus.

My primary role, however, will be to ask questions, clarify points raised in our discussions, and summarize the important issues that we discuss.

The articles will be available for purchase as a bound collection from Empire Publishing or in a few cases as handouts or as links on the electronic version of the syllabus.

If you plan to write academic papers or a master’s or doctoral thesis, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with whatever citation format is most common in your field (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA), as it is best to have made formal citation habits more or less automatic before you get to the thesis stage. For my purposes, it is enough that you indicate the relevant author and page numbers of any work on the syllabus (e.g., Pratt, 35-36).

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