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The logs, released by a Twitter user named Okaboomz, show users in a Discord channel discussing Kephrii's video about his haters and his history of sending dick pics to female fans.

That same image also shows what appears to be Kephrii sending sexually explicit messages to a female fan and begging her for nude photos.

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A question from a male (mid-twenties, so tempted to out his gamertag) friend on Xbox LIVE asked me about the limitations of Skyping with his female friends in the buff on the Xbox One console.

The main concern was that whilst he is excited about 1080p voice controlled cyber-sex-mutual-masturbation-whatever-you-call-it on an HD screen with his overseas girlfriend (or potentially string of them), will the Xbox LIVE enforcement team take action on his account for such recreational non-gaming activities with his penis?

Skype on the Xbox One will allow for group Skype video calls too, but my best advice would be that if you’re into masturbating over Skype and you have some privacy concerns with Xbox LIVE enforcement then keep it on a PC.

has contacted Skype to ask what the deal is on masturbating on the Xbox One with Kinect. Founder of Thisis (owner from 2010 – 2014), now writer and reviewer with an interest in writing thriller fiction. All views expressed everywhere are my own and not that of my employer!

A second leaked image shows a censored photo of Kephrii's dick with enough identifiable furniture in the background to make it clear that it's Kephrii's bedroom.

Kephrii's statement makes it seem like what he regrets most is being caught by his wife and roasted online.

Or, alternatively since the console has three operating systems, whatever is running Skype could operate completely differently and that since such activity is acceptable on Skype over a PC with both adults at play, what you perform on Skype on Xbox One could relate to Skype’s terms of use.

It is a logical assumption that enforcement can not see what you have been doing on Skype unless you have been reported for it!

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