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"Once a building is dried in, air is usually conditioned to prevent mold," said Russell Hamley, president of Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston, a construction industry trade association."Contractors are very aware of the problems that mold can develop and take caution to avoid mold on their projects." A district official said Thursday that Fort Bend ISD follows a standard protocol when shutting down the heating and air conditioning system in any school and noted that the district shut down more than 20 schools this summer without any issues.The commercial-grade dumpsters surrounding Fort Bend ISD's Willowridge High School are piled to the brim with desks.

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"This is a tragedy that has happened, especially at this time of year," said Krystal Allen, president of the Willowridge Parent Teacher Organization.

One of her daughters graduated from Willowridge this spring, and her other daughter will be a sophomore this year.

When the project manager discovered the growth in the band hall offices the first week of July, the school's principal, Thomas Graham, took "immediate action," according to a letter to parents, but the mold had already claimed nearly all of the furniture, school supplies, band equipment, teachers' personal items and even the flooring.

The infestation is a major setback for a struggling school in a district that recently reported a $12 million budget shortfall.

"They're both sad but at the same time just want to help in whatever way possible," Allen said.

Mold is an issue in schools throughout the humid Houston area.

The increased humidity triggered the rapid spread of the Penicillium spores, a common indoor mold, district officials said.

The decision to leave the building without air conditioning is one that went against common practice in construction management.

Administrators, meanwhile, are scrambling for an alternative location to house Willowridge's 1,300 students when school starts in less than three weeks.

The mold took over about 80 percent of the building while the air conditioning was shut off for several days during planned construction in late June.

When the small business started growing, her husband, Tom, joined her.

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