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Lenders have told the Bank of England they intend to crack down on consumer credit over the next three months to rein in risky lending.

To tackle the problem, they revealed plans to reduce interest-free introductory periods on so-called 'teaser rate' credit cards.

Back on the road, the truck catches up to- and passes- David’s Plymouth Valiant- then slows and blocks him from passing .

After a few attempts, it seems the unseen driver is motioning for David to pass him-but it’s a trick!

Buckle up and join us tonight for a road trip that’ll put plenty of mileage on your nervous system!

For the animated series based on this film, see Clerks: The Animated Series.

Former pensions minister Baroness Altmann said: 'This rise in default rates on loans and credit cards is another siren warning of trouble ahead for over-indebted consumers.

Get set for nail-biting road rage tonight-as a long-suffering salesman finds himself the target of a terrifying tanker truck that stalks him- and seems intent on making him a highway fatality in Steven Spielberg’s legendary early full-length directing effort- “Duel”!

This 1971 film, originally made for TV, but expanded for theatrical showings, is remembered for the fast-moving tension it creates- and the cold relentlessness of the unseen truck-driver.

Dennis Weaver rides the emotional roller-coaster of a victim of treacherous road rage that will connect with the viewer- and will definitely get your adrenaline rushing!

This is the highest figure since the start of 2009, shortly after the taxpayer bailouts of RBS and Lloyds.

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