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Behavioral issues can also interfere with your ability to have sex.

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can put a damper on sexual response. For instance, too much time on the bike can lead to problems in bed. No matter what the reason for your diminished desire, getting back on track with your partner sexually is going to take some effort.

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When tissues atrophy and thin out, losing some of their blood supply, intercourse becomes more painful.” Fortunately, there are remedies for painful sex.

For many patients, Horowitz prescribes a vaginal estrogen.

"Make space and time where you can escape, and get creative." She says it isn't going to happen spontaneously.

"You have to find the time and make a date." The Solution: Rediscover Each Other -- Without Pressure If you haven't had sex for some time, a come-on from your partner can feel very artificial and forced.

"There's biological evidence that novel experiences cause the release of dopamine in the brain." Dopamine is a chemical messenger that affects the pleasure center in your brain.

"That's why it's so much easier," Horowitz says, "to get excited in a new relationship -- everything is novel, and your brain responds accordingly." Obviously, you can't switch partners every time the excitement wanes. "Try a different place, a different time, a different position," Horowitz says. Try sex in the shower or in a different room in the house.

"When the relationship's alive like that, the 10-minute ‘let's sneak off and do it' quickie works great," Steinorth says.

"It's like your little secret and helps further build the bond between you.

You're stressed out over deadline pressures at work.

The Solution: Spice It Up "When you're in a long-term relationship, you get into a routine," says ob-gyn Renee Horowitz, founder of the Center for Sexual Wellness in Michigan.

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