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Last night, Shu Qi flew to Taiwan to meet with her lover.

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Leehom’s family protested against the broadcast of the music video at the concert, upon which Leehom took into account the feelings of his elders.

Regarding rumors of the music video, Leehom’s manager denied that there were ever intentions of broadcasting the music video.

Despite the sensitive period, Shu Qi risked flying to Taiwan at this time.

Sharing Shu Qi’s view, it was understood that Leehom wished to acknowledge their dating relationship.

She wore a cap and several crystal wristlets which were deemed to bring luck in love.

Shu Qi’s arrival in Taiwan led to speculations that she intended to meet rumored boyfriend, Leehom Wang, who was busily preparing for his concert in late November.

Although the pair have been rumoured to be dating for 20 years, they have never once publicly confirmed their relationship until now.42-year-old Fung had even bought Shu Qi, 40, a cat in 2013, but the two remained tight-lipped about any romance, Vogue Taiwan reported.

The couple revealed on Sina News that the wedding was a small simple affair without any fanfare.

Flying Back to Taiwan The day before, Shu Qi announced that she will take a six-month hiatus from her acting career.

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