Speed dating activity questions Chat rooms that are free no registration and no sign up and are dirty

What is the most interesting thing you've learnt from a book?

What would you do if you had a spare month to fill?

This could be adapted for use with teens, men or even at school, work, or at a neighbor party.

If you could go to an Olympic event what would you choose?

Weird - What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

Name something that strengthened your testimony this last year.

Except, of course, the intention is not to date — but to learn.

To break the ice, have each team member take a turn relating her most difficult work experience.

This often humorous exercise can help your employees bond, and it also can provide some perspective regarding their current jobs.

For example, the name Dave could stand for "Dynamic, Assertive, Victorious and Entertaining." When finished, the teams present the names to the group as a whole.

This activity is similar to the concept of speed dating and is designed for all team members to have the opportunity to briefly meet each other.

For people who know each other, these kinds of questions work.

I just made up a nifty new name for this section of the blog. If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be? I searched online for the rules of speed dating, and even found a bunch of sample questions one could use while speed dating.

Divide the group in half, with on half seated in a row at a table.

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