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The physical, psychological, behavioral and economic consequences of child maltreatment are explained below.

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Most perpetrators of child molestation, incest and child rape are never identified and caught.

The following 10 facts and statistics, drawn from the National Center for Victims of Crime "Child Sexual Abuse" fact sheet, reveals the scope of child sexual abuse in the U. and its devastating long-term impact on a child's life: Sources:"Child Sexual Abuse." The National Center for Victims of Crime,, 2008.

School violence statistics show percentages of students who reported gang problems at their school, by ethnic group: Overall, 12% of high school students were involved in fights at school in the 2006-2007 school year.

Additionally, 5% of 12-18 year olds were afraid of being harmed at school, and 7% had avoided a school activity to avoid being harmed.

These incidents are not distributed evenly among schools.

School violence statistics show that while 46% of schools reported 20 or more violent acts, 1% of schools only had one or two violent incidents, and 22% of schools reported no violent crimes at all.

Keep reading for more information on school violence statistics, and how they may affect you.

School shootings receive a great deal of media attention, and many parents are concerned about their children’s safety at school.

About one-third of students age 12 and up are the victims of school bullyingl.

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