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The Black Book: An Exposition of Abuses in Church and State, Courts of Law, Municipal Corporations, and Public Companies; with a Précis of the House of Commons, Past, present, and to come.

A New Edition, greatly enlarged and corrected to the present time. With an Appendix An extraordinary document which details the corruption and financial abuses of the British government as well as the sinecures and privileges of the army, church, and other groups.

It was oftentimes reprinted, and upwards of 14,000 copies were sold, almost without the expense of advertisement, or any of those helps from literary notices which are usually deemed essential to give celebrity to the productions of the press.

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Of errors of we know we are guiltless; of those which have originated in the inaccuracy of the official returns and other sources of information on which we have relied, we cannot be so confident.

All parliamentary and public documents, whatever could throw light on the Ecclesiastical Establishments, the Civil List and Hereditary Revenues, the Courts of Law and Judicial Administration, the Aristocracy, Public Offices, Funding System, Public Revenue, Pensions, Sinecures, and other departments of our work, have been consulted.

A chapter has been added on the Principles of Finance, Abuses in the Government Expenditure, and the Workings of Taxation.

Also a Précis of the will be found many new articles and tables of value, as those on the Ecclesiastical Patronage of the Nobility—the House of Lords—Inns of Court—Church Rates—Trinity College—Colonial Statistics—Civil Contingencies—Remarks on the Reports on Irish Tithes—Commissioners of Sewers—Lay and Clerical Magistrates, &c.

It was drawn up by John Wade as part of the radical movement to expand the franchise in England. The work is an excellent example of the Philosophic Radicals class theory of political power.

This edition one is the revised and expanded edition of 1835.Our object has been an honest one, and we have sought to attain it by honest means: nothing has been exaggerated, nor has a single fact been wilfully misstated; we needed not the aid of falsehood, our case being strong enough without it, and we refer to the references on our pages to attest the veracity of our sources of intelligence.The statements we have made we shall at all times be ready to defend, but cannot answer for those which have been mistakenly imputed to us.It was, originally, brought out in periodical numbers twelve years ago, and laboured under the disadvantages incident to that mode of publication.Defective as the publication was, it excited unusual interest; though ill-arranged, rough in manner, and incorrect in matter, it contained a striking development of Oligarchical abuse, and thus fixed the attention of the public.This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc.

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