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Hopper Hut restaurant will take part in the first Tamil Fest even on Aug. Restaurant owner Ragavan Thurairatnam (left) and manger Renjuan Raja (right) are shown here with Tamil Fest media spokesperson Jeevitha Deborah Lieberman and Canadian Tamil Congress national spokesperson David Poopalapillai. “Actually you should stand in the kitchen and when it comes, eat it hot, hot, hot.”Of course he means you should stand stoveside at home — not barge into a restaurant kitchen.There’s a dedicated hopper station in the Hopper Hut kitchen. Add a cracked egg or spoonful of coconut milk if you like. Eat your hopper by itself, with a coconut or seeni (caramelized onion) sambol, with curry or even with a banana. You either love hoppers or you haven’t tried one yet.

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Add 1/4 cup (60 m L) batter and quickly swirl to cover entire surface of pan.

(In a pinch, you can use an 8-inch/20-cm non-stick skillet.)If making egg hoppers, add egg.

Milk hoppers, rich from coconut milk and sweet from sugar, are best eaten alone and are often ordered as dessert.

Plain hoppers are the perfect accompaniment to curry.With egg hoppers, Raja advises, “break off the crust and dip it in the middle just like you would dip toast in eggs.”He offers one final hopper thought: “The guys who really love hoppers usually put eggs and coconut milk together — but that’s a hidden secret.”Instant Hoppers Since I couldn’t wrangle the Hopper Hut recipe into submission, I took the easy way out and used Kavin Home Foods instant hopper mix (rice flour, wheat flour, sugar, yeast and salt) made by Fresh Home Foods in Scarborough.If you buy a different brand, follow the package instructions for the batter but use the cooking instructions below. I bought groceries at Yal Market (2499 Eglinton Ave.“Tamil Canadians have been here since the 1960s and we are very much integrated into Canadian society and work in all fields,” says Tamil Fest spokesperson Jeevitha Deborah Lieberman.“So I think we are pretty much ready to feature our culture, entertainment and food.”Tamil Fest aspires to become as entrenched in the city’s calendar as Taste of the Danforth and Festival of South Asia.E., and got a hopper pan and “wok ring” at Samy & Sons (1884B Kennedy Rd.).

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