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The laptop is manufactured by Quanta Computer and developed by One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The subnotebooks are designed for sale to government-education systems which then give each primary school child their own laptop.

In addition to a standard plug-in power supply, human power and solar power sources are available, allowing operation far from a commercial power grid.

The grating splits the light from the white backlight into a spectrum.

The red, green and blue components are diffracted into the correct positions to illuminate the corresponding pixel with R, G or B.

The current design, by Fuseproject, uses a transformer hinge to morph between laptop, e-book, and router modes.

In keeping with its goals of robustness and low power consumption, the design of the laptop intentionally omits all motor-driven moving parts; it has no hard drive, no optical (CD/DVD) media, no floppy drives and no fans (the device is passively cooled).

In late 2008, the NYC Department of Education began a project to purchase large numbers of XO computers for use by New York schoolchildren.

In 2008 the XO was awarded London's Design Museum "Design of the Year", plus two gold, one silver, and one bronze award at the Industrial Design Society of America's International Design Excellence Awards (IDEAs).The project later established, in 2007 the website for outright donations and for a "Give 1 Get 1" offer valid (but only to the United States, its territories, and Canadian addresses) from November 12, 2007 until December 31, 2007.which was thereafter cancelled in favor of the tablet-like designed XO-3.Instead of using subtractive color filters, the display uses a plastic diffraction grating and lenses on the rear of the LCD to illuminate each pixel.This grating pattern is stamped using the same technology used to make DVDs.In the OLPC XO-1, the screen is estimated to be the second most expensive component (after the CPU and chipset).

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