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It is a version that has been modified in ways, and one of the ways is that it "compresses" graphics to an .ART format so that they will load marginally faster.When you save images off web pages while using the AOL browser, they STAY IN THE .

You can download Firefox or Microsoft's Internet Explorer [IE/MSIE] from their website - free!

When you're going to cruise the Internet, minimize (Just iconize AOL, hit the "-" button in the upper right corner) the AOL browser, open up your full-version browser and cruise away.

This is done by either reducing the browser History to "0" and manually clearing all pages in history by deleting the files in the temporaty internet files folder located in the Windows Directory, or, PC users can force a refresh by holding down the CONTROL key on their keyboard and mouse clicking on the AOL browser reload icon. They say, "The object must be in the BMP, GIF, JPEG, or Progressive JPEG format.

The latter will completely clear all items in history. The object size must be between 1KB and 8 MB." That means ... the only graphics AOL does NOT mess with, and compress into a blurry mess, is any graphic OVER 8mb in size (how many of THOSE are on the 'net, hmmmmm? AOL has cryptic wording (that most people won't understand what it means), and that is here: AOL graphic compression.

The problem is that this compression happens by default.

You can turn it off but people seldom do because they see no reason not to, or they don't even KNOW about it!

There is no paint program that I know of that will convert graphics FROM . AOL users DO NOT EVEN KNOW these graphics are in the wrong format though, because when they put them up on their pages, their OWN AOL BROWSERS see them correctly.

However, they show up broken to the ENTIRE REST OF THE INTERNET!

AOL and Netscape, a touch outdated, but good info about installing a 2nd browser -- which would be MUCH better to use to go out on the Internet, and especially if you are collecting graphics!!

AOL's own Webmaster Information - Is NOT JUST for people who make web pages.

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