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Attendees just log into the Veg Speed Date website and click who they like.

“There’s no judgment or rejection, no pressure to tell your ‘date’ whether you like them, and no exchanging of contact information at the event” Veg Speed Date explains.

There will be refreshments, drinks, and most importantly there will be an opportunity to meet a vegan match or even gain a friend.

You must register by using this link to attend- https:// Ever dream of meeting your Vegan or Vegetarian love match?!

Well now is your chance to have your love handed to you with a bouquet of broccoli florets!

The fact that someone is veggie or vegan is by no means a factor that can replace spark.

I ended up liking some of the men on my Speed Dater event as people because they seemed to have kind hearts (though some were flexi-veggie and that’s just annoying) – but, crucially, it didn’t make me fancy them any more.

Results are confidential and attendees find out who they match with by midnight.

Back by popular demand :-) Vegetarians, vegans and veggie-curious men and women are welcome to take part in the event OR just come along for a drink. Each 'date' will be 3-4 minutes long and we will facilitate contact with couples who like each other.

As there is a charge for the hire of the venue, there will be an entry fee of £2 to cover costs.

This is an event hosted by the Cleveland Vegan Society. This event is limited to 15 female and 15 male vegans so sign up using the link above ASAP!!

Take Kelly, who came out to a Veg Speed Date event in Toronto.

“There are so many online dating apps and sites,” she wrote, “but less than 1% of the people I’ve encountered [on them] are vegetarian or vegan.” At her first event, Kelly matched with four vegan men, and made a new female friend to boot – “so much better,” she says..” So it hasn’t been a struggle to balance the ratio at Veg Speed Date events.

And in September, a couple who met at one of the events announced they are getting married. “We’ve been hearing consistently that our customers are tired of swiping – they want to meet other vegetarians and vegans in the real world,” explains Andy Brighten.

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