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His was a tad more subdued than Coko’s, but he still kept it real about loving everything about her ad about being with her- even their not-so-good-moments: https:// YM7djl Se/ Fly At 47!And of course we can’t end this thing without giving y’all one of Coko Clemons’ swagged out moments. Kelly has been making headlines for less-than-favorable reasons.

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Apparently, they both got ‘so weak at the knees they could hardly speak, lost all control’ and said “I do,” while many folks around them were saying ‘Oh HELL naw…don’t DO, it’s TOO SOON! You see, ILOSM fam,’ sometimes we just gotta go with our gut instinct- sure we may strike out, but hell, that’s what the Higher Power gave us legs and hindsight for.

If we screw up, we look back in hindsight and have a clearer vision of what we did wrong, then we use that wisdom to keep walking/running forward toward the next opportunity.

When SWV’s Coko Clemons isn’t SANGIN’ her heart out on stage- with her fellow SWV group member, Taj George and Lelee Lyons- she’s spending time with her husband, Mike Clemons, and her two sons (one with Mike and one from her previous relationship).

Although we love to hear Coko sing, here at ILOSM, this time around the topic of discussion is on her and her hubby.

Coko’s Anniversary Messages Coko not only sent some beautiful lovey-dovey words to her husband, she also seized on the moment to shut up her prior wedding haters who said it wouldn’t “last 15 minutes.” See what she said here: https:// Hif AAe3/ “When we got married after dating for only 6 months, many said “I give them 15 mins! ” Well, it’s 15 years later…we got the last laugh!!

It hasn’t always been easy but our love is strong!! Forget Bonnie & Clyde, it’s all about COKO & MIKE!!!

A woman's naked body isn't a weapon or an object, it's a part of who she is, one she interacts with every single day.

We don't get naked just to please men or to take a shower, we get naked for so many reasons, and when we are naked, we are very often not doing or saying anything dainty, sexy, or cute. They can be sexy, they are beautiful, they are powerful. Looked at your own vagina in a mirror and got a little weirded out by it. Spent way too long working on that ingrown hair on your bikini line.

I love you always @bigmikeclemons” https:// Ac OHggzs/ Gotta luv Coko’s unfiltered personality, yeah she may be a bit bossy at times, or maybe even a lil’ moody, but she’s still a cool ’round the way chick, which is what we learned from SWV’s prior reality TV show, .

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