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In Benue State the “Ange” cloth characterized by its zebra-like black and white stripes is used by the Tiv people while their Idoma neighbours wear similar clothes with red and black stripes.But it is not uncommon for Nigerians to adopt particular attires from other regions which have become very popular.

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Much of the Edo tends to be Christian while the remaining 25 percent worship deities called Ogu.

This group is followed by the Ibibio/Annang/Efik people of the coastal southeastern Nigeria and the Ijaw of the Niger Delta.

People have equally developed interest in other cultures to the extent of speaking different languages and taking names from other cultures for their children.

In the area of dressing, Nigeria is characterized by the diversity of its traditional attires.

It is the most dynamic element of any culture or society.

Languages are vital for transmitting knowledge, world views and verbal arts over the years.Indigenous are often blended with Christian beliefs.It is popularly believed that Nigeria has about three hundred fifty linguistic groups Language is the vehicle for creating and mastering the complex realities that define any geographical expression.The recently introduced attire, referred to as “resource control”, which was initially associated with men from the Niger-Delta region has today become a common outfit across the length and breadth of Nigeria.As for the women- folk, the “Buba”, “Iro”, “Gele”, “Ipele” have been adopted across the regions with minor nuances of style.The use of “Ankara” materials by both men and women sets Nigerians apart in fashion at home and internationally.

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