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Scott and Tessa still haven’t decided whether to retire from competitive skating.

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As Tessa puts it: “The next few months is a time for us to say ‘Yes’ and try new things and maybe step out of our comfort zone and really explore.” Neither one seems daunted by branching out into the world beyond skating.

Tessa attributes that adaptability to their supportive families.

After their flawless gold medal-winning free dance in Vancouver, they did the seemingly impossible, raising the stakes and delivering a stunning execution of what Tessa calls an “extremely ambitious and demanding program” in Sochi.

“(NBC figure skating analyst) Tracy Wilson made a remark one day that the free dance we performed at Sochi was sort of starting off from the point that we ended in our 2010 free dance,” says Tessa.

The public and the media have insisted on imposing their own narrative on Tessa and Scott’s relationship, but it doesn’t reflect the real story.

“It does get a little bit annoying, for sure,” says Scott. But that’s society nowadays; they want to be involved and I guess we have to take that as interest and that people care about our story, and take pride in that.So I think that will really help with the transition or this next adjustment of not training every single day. We’ve lived such regimented, disciplined lives and it’s really exciting to think about creating our own schedules and pursuing new passions.” A peek behind the curtains Moving away from their shared passion for figure skating and toward their own interests means, of course, that they won’t be spending nearly as much time together in the future. “The most we’ve been apart probably in the last 17 years is two months, when Tessa had her surgery for her shins (in 2010). Luckily we have things like Stars on Ice and skating shows that will keep us coming back together.And plus we’ll hopefully do some work outside of figure skating that will be together as well.” As close as the two have grown, and as accustomed as the public is to seeing Scott and Tessa as a pair, the truth is that they also have their own separate lives.There’s a lot of hype surrounding Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue these days. Scott and Tessa’s spectacular combination of world-class athleticism and out-of-this-world artistry casts a spell on everyone who lays eyes on them. As the most decorated figure skaters in Canadian history, they’ve shattered records, raised the bar sky-high, and utterly entranced us in the process with their transcendent performances.“We’ve been skating together for 17 years, been living in Canton, Michigan for 10, so it’s kind of exciting to think about post-amateur skating and getting back to our hometown, getting back to Canada.” So far, the reality of their decision to take a break hasn’t really hit them.

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