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Michael struggles to deal with the fact his friend Tommy (Mos Def) is paralysed after falling from his roof while painting and confined to a wheelchair.

Claire is caught shoplifting, when it's really Kady's fault.

Things get out of control between the two families, and even the restaurant employees. Jay has a hard time with Michael's parents, who are separated.

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Tony tries to sneak in to party with Claire, but the kids attack him at midnight.

Michael mistakenly thinks he wins the "Small Businessman of the Year" award.

He buys a wig (or a hairpiece as he likes to call it) and starts to demonstrate his love for his family in a weird way.

He even buys a motorcycle and an RV, in a misguided effort to live life to its fullest. Absent: Tisha Campbell-Martin as Jay Note: From this episode onwards, Jennifer Freeman takes over the role of Claire Kyle, who was previously portrayed by Jazz Raycole.

Michael hires an attractive girl to tutor Junior in math and later regrets his actions.

Also, Jay doesn't like the direction her relationship is going with Claire, who is turning into a typical teenager. is having problems at school with a bully, so Michael and Jay invite his parents over to discover some of the kid's weak points. teases the kid back and Claire punches him in the nose making Jr. Meanwhile, Michael tells Jay she is not around enough, and she starts to realize that when she misses Kady's first tooth and her new "smell the cushions" thing.The episode builds to a dream sequence, in which Janet has a nightmare and the entire family is morbidly obese after Michael decides to grow big with her.Michael decides to teach the kids how to handle money due to their inability of spending their allowance money wisely.Michael shows them how these versions could go wrong, and shares his thoughts of perfect children, but then his children explain how that idea could go wrong, so they agree on a truce.Absent: Tisha Campbell-Martin as Jay Claire, Jr., and Kady are upset that Michael's rules are way too strict since Jay left.So, they make a bet with him that they can go one week without rules. Give up: they must hug Michael and say "I was stupid.

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