Woman s sexural

I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me.Anything I cannot transform into something marvelous, I let go. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. Another inspiration for my views on sexuality came from years of practicing Kundalini yoga.Being raised by European parents, I was taught at an early age the power of love and lust. For example, my friends parents were always amazed how, in my early teens, my parents allowed boys to hang out in my room.

In terms of intimacy, having lust for someone sometimes leads to a loving relationship.

It is also normal to lust after one or more persons.

What is important to remember is that the emotion has conscious and unconscious dimensions.

More recently, lust has been portrayed as a normal emotion and an important part of a vibrant and productive life.

One quickly learns who is comfortable and who uncomfortable with their sexuality.

Many liberal baby boomers like myself suddenly feel even more liberated at being able to broach the subject of sex without shame or embarrassment., has lead me to numerous revelations and illuminations.Just watching the expression on people's faces when I mention the book's title is already a pathway into who they are and their attitude towards sexuality.She instilled in me the power of a woman to exert her sexuality.The female protagonists in her books were sexy, sensuous, and enjoyed sex and men.At this stage in our lives we know what brings us joy, what turns us on, and what turns us off.

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