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In most motorcycle households, there’s a stressful daily ritual…

Yes, your motorcycle rider already has around 12,000 bike-themed t-shirts.

But how many of them are actually cool (or at least not monkey-butt ugly)?

Or search Google for official motorcycle merchandise. Bikers are always running out of their preferred kind of motorcycle wash and polish – usually when they’re halfway through cleaning their bike.

Make sure this never happens by putting together a cleaning kit. Go out to the garage, and write down the names of the bike wash and polish brands he currently uses. And throw in a packet of chamois rags or top of the line polishing cloths while you’re there.

Fix the problem by buying him a polished metal dish, or old-school hook just for his bike key. Before you give up and just order him another Harley t-shirt instead, try this.

By giving him somewhere to store this essential key, you can save him the drama of the daily panicked search. It seemed like a great idea until you tried ‘motorcycles’ as a search term in Amazon, didn’t it? The solution is to narrow your search according to his specific area of interest.

Check out my range of If he keeps forgetting to pick up the latest edition of his favorite bike magazine, make sure he never misses a month by setting up a year’s subscription. Do a Google search: put the name of the magazine in quotes, and add your location.

That way, you can buy the subscription in your own currency.

All bikers have at least a million photos of motorcycles, rides and rallies on their computers.

Why leave them tucked away in folders he’ll never see?

There are many kinds of metal signs out there that celebrate motorcycle culture.

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