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On October 30, 1967, WNEW-FM adopted a progressive rock radio format.

It was not the first in New York to do so – WOR-FM preceded it – but it was the one that prospered and became famous for the format and that in turn influenced the rock listenership as well as the rock industry.

The station's disc jockeys would broadcast in ways that bore out their personalities: Other well-known disc jockeys who worked at the station included Dennis Elsas, Carol Miller, Pete Larkin, brothers Dan Neer and Richard Neer, Jim Monaghan, Pam Merly, Thom Morrera, Meg Griffin, and John Zacherle.

WNEW-FM was among the first stations to give Bruce Springsteen significant airplay, and conducted live broadcasts of key Springsteen concerts in 19; Springsteen would sometimes call up the DJs during records.

Meanwhile, the male DJs on WNEW (AM) were still very popular, so it was hard for WNEW-FM to find an audience.

The all-female disc jockey lineup endured for a little more than a year, switching in September 1967 to a mixed-gender staff, before a major change the following month.

WNEW-FM (102.7 FM, "Fresh 102.7") is a New York City hot adult contemporary radio station owned and operated by Entercom.

WNEW-FM's studios are in the combined Entercom facility in the West Soho section of Manhattan, and its transmitter sits atop the Empire State Building.

The gimmick was unique and had not before been attempted anywhere in American radio.

The lineup of disc jockeys during this stunt included actress and TV personality Peggy Cass, Alison Steele (who stayed on to become the "Night Bird" on the progressive rock format), Rita Sands (later with WCBS Newsradio 880), Margaret Draper, Ann Clements, Arlene Kieta, Pam Mc Kissick, and Nell Bassett.

Du Mont Broadcasting, meanwhile, would change its corporate name twice within the next three years before settling on Metromedia in 1961.

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