Xbox 360 not updating via usb

The flash drive will require at least 2 GB of space and must be formatted correctly.Before installing the update on the Xbox One, users will need to unplug the network cable, power off the console and unplug the power cord.There are unknown causes to this problem, so there are many solutions to it.

The only thing I have tried is taking his hard drive and putting it in my xbox so that he could get connection.

I thought this would work, and it seemed like it did because it updated and everything but when we took the HDD back out of my xbox and put it back into his for some reason it kept saying the game could not be played.

1: Update Xbox 360 controller driver manually2: Update Xbox 360 controller driver automatically (Recommended)Final option Note: Please make sure that your Xbox 360 controller is not plugged in.

1) If you have installed Xbox 360 Accessories, please uninstall it from Control Panel.

In order to download the update offline, users will first need to know what OS their system is running.

Users can then download the update on a flash drive from their PC, and transfer the files to their Xbox One.

My brothers which is in the living room has no internet because the internet port on that xbox is fried. So the problem is my brother got minecraft a couple days ago for xbox, and he plays it on his xbox because i dont want him playing it on mine.

So the minecraft has had no updates for all the new biomes, crafting, etc. So my question is, is there a way to update minecraft on his xbox, maybe through a USB drive or something?

2) On your keyboard, press Windows key and X at the same time, then choose Device Manager.

3) On the top bar, choose View option, then select Show hidden devices. After the restart, plug in your device, Windows will help you install the latest version of the Xbox 360 controller that it could find.

"This indicates that a USB update has been detected.

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