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A well off African American family living the American dream in their upscale neighborhood.

However, like most families, they have secrets, dark secrets THE WARNING!

Now was the time to savor the feel and taste of their bodies, to languish in the warmth of afterglow.

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“It’s serious, but the arguments have stopped since mom moved into your old room.” Caitlin pulled the soft cotton of her oversized tee shirt over her head. *** Halvatia Curry eyed her friend and employer with concern. She was petite Creole with tiny sensitive 32B breasts. She can get about half of it in before she starts gagging!

She reached back and pulled her dreadlocks from under the shirt. ” Caitlin shook her head at the ignorance of men about women's issues. June Crafton had just returned from an appointment with her gynecologist. Her skin color and her strawberry blond hair looked for the entire world like that female United States senator from Louisiana. " Caitlin buried her head between her twin's ass cheeks.

They thoroughly explored the many and varied positions. But loving someone you fuck adds spice to it, like the seasoning in my gumbo! Dem children and Miss June gona be the death of me yet.

Their sexual knowledge had a lot of depth but its breadth was limited. Then their mom had Caitlin move into the second floor bedroom of the newly remodeled house. Dey don't have a monthly so dey don't see a physical change. Some change and go back; others change and move forward." "The only change Tom is going through is not fucking me! "Miss, take it from an old woman who had three husbands and mo' men than I can count. " June took a sip of her tea and looked at Miss Curry appraisingly. June had taken Miss Curry's concoctions before. Chapter 2 The whine of the elevator pulled Carter from his nap.

It started in the game room and let out between the back of the house and the coach house. ” “Aww Caitlin, you know how much I miss doing this! " “Has he figured out that your super wet pussy is really you full of my come?

They upgraded but kept the old elevator with its ornate hand crafted wrought iron cage and its Tiffany glass ceiling and cage inserts. Judicious real estate investments provided a steady income. ” “I know, little brother, but I’m an old married woman now. ” “No, Caitlin giggled, but he says he loves the way I taste!

He savored the intimacy of these moments This and similar scenes were repeated many times over the years. Nannies provided supervision; the siblings supplied the love.

The one stabilizing force in their lives was Halvatia Curry, the longtime cook/housekeeper.

“How serious do you think mom and dad's problems are? Somewhere in that statement, there was a kernel of common sense. At 45, June Crafton was antithesis of the stereotypical Black woman.

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