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Chinkamasai(Yudate) is a purification ceremony made by stirring up boiling water from a cauldron with whisk.

It is thought the Chinkamasai (Yudate) ceremony is performed to keep away the ugly weather of sea.

Only on the first day(2/9) of the festival -(At Kaguraden stage) "Namahage museum" Open hours - / Admission fee Adult:540 yen Students(Elementary, junior high, high school students):270 yen "Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum" every 30 minutes during - on Friday 10th of Feb.

This Matsuri shows the uniqueness of a mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism.

The action of Yudate (See the following item “Yudate”) with chanting Kagura (See the following item “Kagura”), which is repeated over and over during the Matsuri, is also another uniqueness of the Matsuri.

As the season is turning to winter and hours of sunlight becomes shorter and shorter, all nature in Tohyama valley gradually changed – the leaves in the mountains fall from the trees, temperature drops down day by day, the tops of the mountains are covered with white snow and snow falls in the village. In such a harsh environment the ancient people thought it was the season of the decreasing energy of the Sun.

At the same time, they understood that the energy of all living things also declined because the Sun was the source of all living things.

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Yunomai is a sacred Shinto blessing that uses music and dance specific to the Oga region.

We offer a discount coupon to visitors for the "Oga Aquarium GAO" and the "Namahage Museum"/"Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum" who use the paid parking lot and paid temporary bus.

Adult price: 300 yen with the discount Students (Elementary, junior high, high school students):150 yen with the discount When you visit the "Namahage Museum"/"Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum", there is a discount price available known as the "special offer for common admission fee".

The Shinto priests dedicate this Goma-mochi, roasted on the Sedo bonfire, to the Namahage; the Namahage can't touch this divine rice-cake easily and struggle to get it.

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